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“All of them, those in power, and those who want the power, would pamper us, if we agreed to overlook their crookedness by wilfully restricting our activities.” — “Refus Global“, Paul-Émile Borduas

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2001, Dec 31Nigeria's Electoral Law Controversy ContinuesEmbassy Abuja (Nigeria)
2001, Dec 31Ambassador Discusses Catholic-jewish Historical Commission With Cardinal KkasperEmbassy Vatican (Vatican)
2001, Dec 28Nigeria: National Assembly To Review Electoral ActEmbassy Abuja (Nigeria)
2001, Dec 27Special Envoy Danforth Discusses Back- Channel Talks With Sant'egidio, Vatican FmEmbassy Vatican (Vatican)
2001, Dec 27Nigerian Justice Minister AssassinatedEmbassy Abuja (Nigeria)
2001, Dec 27Nigeria: Narcotics Certification DiscussionsEmbassy Abuja (Nigeria)
2001, Dec 27Hu Jintao: Taking Shape As China's LeaderEmbassy Beijing (China)
2001, Dec 23Kuwaitis Argue Tape Offers Proof Of Bin Laden's GuiltEmbassy Kuwait (Kuwait)
2001, Dec 22Cmag Decision A Shock For ZimbabweEmbassy Harare (Zimbabwe)
2001, Dec 21United Kingdom: 2001 Annual Terrrorism ReportEmbassy London (United Kingdom)
2001, Dec 21Nigeria: Anti-terrorism EffortsEmbassy Abuja (Nigeria)
2001, Dec 21Protestants Warned Not To "cause Problems" At ChristmasConsulate Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam)
2001, Dec 21Zimbabwe Parliament Postpones Passage Of Repressive LegislationEmbassy Harare (Zimbabwe)
2001, Dec 21Discussing Terrorism In Northeastern VietnamEmbassy Hanoi (Vietnam)
2001, Dec 21The Role Of Boarding Schools In Minority IntegrationEmbassy Hanoi (Vietnam)
2001, Dec 20Nigeria: Sss Dg Are On Benue ConflictEmbassy Abuja (Nigeria)
2001, Dec 20Nigeria: Sss Dg Are On Al QaidaEmbassy Abuja (Nigeria)
2001, Dec 20Nong Duc Manh Visits China: Both Sides Reaffirm Friendship, Condemn TerrorismEmbassy Hanoi (Vietnam)
2001, Dec 20Mfa Reacts To San Francisco "terrorist" IncidentEmbassy Hanoi (Vietnam)
2001, Dec 20Vietnam Consultative Group Meeting: A Meeting Of The Minds, And Continued High Levels Of Support Despite A Slowing World EconomyEmbassy Hanoi (Vietnam)
2001, Dec 19Nigeria: Paris Club Bilaterals Not Ready By Xmas: Maybe By Spring BreakEmbassy Abuja (Nigeria)
2001, Dec 19Nigeria - The Ambassador's IftarEmbassy Abuja (Nigeria)
2001, Dec 19Nigeria: 2001 Annual Terrorism ReportEmbassy Abuja (Nigeria)
2001, Dec 19Ambassador Meets With Vatican China ExpertEmbassy Vatican (Vatican)
2001, Dec 19Media Report -- Mugabe Criticizes U.s. In State Of The Nation AddressEmbassy Harare (Zimbabwe)
2001, Dec 19Nigeria: New Electoral Law Sparks ControversyEmbassy Abuja (Nigeria)
2001, Dec 19Nigeria: U.s.-u.k. Team Raises Voluntary Principles On Human Rights And Security With Oil Companies And GonEmbassy Abuja (Nigeria)
2001, Dec 19Media Report Africa Journal Feedback; HarareEmbassy Harare (Zimbabwe)
2001, Dec 19Mongolia: 2001 Annual Terrorism ReportEmbassy Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia)
2001, Dec 18Nigeria: Letter From Benue State Governor Regarding Embassy Press ReleaseEmbassy Abuja (Nigeria)
2001, Dec 17Mdc Leader Charged With Possessing Unlicensed RadioEmbassy Harare (Zimbabwe)
2001, Dec 17Media Report Zdera; HarareEmbassy Harare (Zimbabwe)
2001, Dec 17Media Report Presidential Poll; HarareEmbassy Harare (Zimbabwe)
2001, Dec 17Media Report Zdera; HarareEmbassy Harare (Zimbabwe)
2001, Dec 17Mdc Leader Charged With Possessing Unlicensed RadioEmbassy Harare (Zimbabwe)
2001, Dec 17Qnew Challenges For The Recently Recognized ProtestantsEmbassy Hanoi (Vietnam)
2001, Dec 17Vietnam: "rights Of Persons" Emphasized At The Consultative Group Of Donors MeetingEmbassy Hanoi (Vietnam)
2001, Dec 17Vietnam: Text Of National Assembly Resolution To Ratify The Bilateral Trade AgreementEmbassy Hanoi (Vietnam)
2001, Dec 15Kuwaitis Denounce Bin LadenEmbassy Kuwait (Kuwait)
2001, Dec 14War On Terrorism: Nigeria's Efforts To Upgrade LawsEmbassy Abuja (Nigeria)
2001, Dec 14Morocco: 2001 Annual Terrorism ReportEmbassy Rabat (Morocco)
2001, Dec 14Nigeria: Regional Tip Conference A SuccessEmbassy Abuja (Nigeria)
2001, Dec 14Ecowas: Kouyate Tour D'horizonEmbassy Abuja (Nigeria)
2001, Dec 14Ecowas: Kouyate's FutureEmbassy Abuja (Nigeria)
2001, Dec 14Turkey: 2001 Annual Terrorism ReportEmbassy Ankara (Turkey)
2001, Dec 14Cuba: 2001 Annual Terrorism ReportUS Interests Section Havana (Cuba)
2001, Dec 14A/s Kansteiner Delivers Message Of Support To Opposition And Civil Society RepresentativesEmbassy Harare (Zimbabwe)
2001, Dec 14Zimbabwean Media Coverage Of A/s Kansteiner VisitEmbassy Harare (Zimbabwe)
2001, Dec 14Campaign 2001 On Disabled PersonsEmbassy Hanoi (Vietnam)
2001, Dec 13Nigeria: Endgame On Gas FlaringEmbassy Abuja (Nigeria)
2001, Dec 13Ambassador Nicholson's Meeting With PresidentEmbassy Vatican (Vatican)
2001, Dec 13Subject: Nigeria: Army Minister Of State On Benue: Upcoming Visit To WashingtonEmbassy Abuja (Nigeria)
2001, Dec 13Berri On Hizballah, The Region And The EconomyEmbassy Beirut (Lebanon)
2001, Dec 13Agoa Decision Conveyed To Government Of ZimbabweEmbassy Harare (Zimbabwe)
2001, Dec 13Nigeria: Demarche On Burundi DeploymentEmbassy Abuja (Nigeria)
2001, Dec 13Sadc Ministerial Committee Plays In Harare, Act Ii: Much Ado About NothingEmbassy Harare (Zimbabwe)
2001, Dec 12A/s Kansteiner Delivers Tough Message To Zimbabwean OfficialsEmbassy Harare (Zimbabwe)
2001, Dec 12Zimbabwe Opposition Wins A Third Mayoral Election And Looks To Win A FourthEmbassy Harare (Zimbabwe)
2001, Dec 12Mugabe Says Zimbabwe Presidential Election Will Be In March And Observers Will Be InvitedEmbassy Harare (Zimbabwe)
2001, Dec 12Biographical Information For Claudio Gugerotti - New Vatican Ambassador To Armenia And GeorgiaEmbassy Vatican (Vatican)
2001, Dec 12Saudi Arabia: 2001 Annual Terrorism ReportEmbassy Riyadh (Saudi Arabia)
2001, Dec 12Zimbabwe-us Relations Take A Beating In Government MediaEmbassy Harare (Zimbabwe)
2001, Dec 12Sri Lanka/maldives: 2001 Annual Terrorism ReportsEmbassy Colombo (Sri Lanka)
2001, Dec 12Media Report Zdera; HarareEmbassy Harare (Zimbabwe)
2001, Dec 12China: 2001 Annual Terrorism ReportEmbassy Beijing (China)
2001, Dec 12Upgrading Terrorism LawsEmbassy Hanoi (Vietnam)
2001, Dec 12Ranking Politburo Member Talks About Human Rights, Bilateral RelationsConsulate Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam)
2001, Dec 11Nigeria: Esf Proposals For Fy 2002Embassy Abuja (Nigeria)
2001, Dec 11Vatican Remembers September 11Embassy Vatican (Vatican)
2001, Dec 11A/s Kansteiner Meets With Cross Section Of Bulawayo SocietyEmbassy Harare (Zimbabwe)
2001, Dec 11Media Report Zdera; HarareEmbassy Harare (Zimbabwe)
2001, Dec 11Media Report Zdera; HarareEmbassy Harare (Zimbabwe)
2001, Dec 11World Aids DayEmbassy Abuja (Nigeria)
2001, Dec 10Egypt: New Terrorist Group, Al-wa'ad (the Promise) Faces Military TribunalEmbassy Cairo (Egypt)
2001, Dec 10Democratic Republic Of Congo: 2001 Annual Terrorism ReportEmbassy Kinshasa (Democratic Republic of the Congo)
2001, Dec 7Three Month Anniversary Remembrance Event Of September 11 AttacksEmbassy Vatican (Vatican)
2001, Dec 7Zimbabwe Reaction To House Passage Of Zimbabwe Democracy And Economic Recovery Act.Embassy Harare (Zimbabwe)
2001, Dec 7State-owned Media Condemn Zimbabwe Democracy BillEmbassy Harare (Zimbabwe)
2001, Dec 7Nigeria: Donors Discuss 2002 Budget, Prsp And Medium Term Priorities In BrusselsEmbassy Abuja (Nigeria)
2001, Dec 7Singapore And Vietnam Seeking More Cooperation Against Terrorism UnclassifiedEmbassy Hanoi (Vietnam)
2001, Dec 6Bio Info For Giuseppe Pinto - New Vatican Ambassador To Senegal And MauritaniaEmbassy Vatican (Vatican)
2001, Dec 6Mugabe's Campaign Of Violence And Repression Is Unabated By Growing International PressureEmbassy Harare (Zimbabwe)
2001, Dec 6Nigeria: Demarche And Discussion With Nigerian Special Envoy To Zimbabwe, Earnest ShonekanEmbassy Abuja (Nigeria)
2001, Dec 6Nigeria: New Defense Advisor AppointedEmbassy Abuja (Nigeria)
2001, Dec 6Nigeria: Ofr P3 Illnesses And Accidental DeathsEmbassy Abuja (Nigeria)
2001, Dec 6Nigeria: Nigeria Continues To Cooperate In Effort To Identify Terrorists' AccountsEmbassy Abuja (Nigeria)
2001, Dec 6Independent Press Criticizes Information BillEmbassy Harare (Zimbabwe)
2001, Dec 5Letter To President Bush From Acting President MuzendaEmbassy Harare (Zimbabwe)
2001, Dec 5Ghana: 2001 Annual Terrorism ReportEmbassy Accra (Ghana)
2001, Dec 5Ambassador Calls On Jusuf KallaEmbassy Jakarta (Indonesia)
2001, Dec 4Nigerian Anti-trust Bill Wending Way Through National Assembly: Ftc Help RequestedEmbassy Abuja (Nigeria)
2001, Dec 4Ambassador Discusses Election With Electoral Supervisory Commission ChairmanEmbassy Harare (Zimbabwe)
2001, Dec 4Presidential Travels Shore Up Relations Within AseanEmbassy Hanoi (Vietnam)
2001, Dec 3Undp Team Finds Little To Applaud In Abuja Compliance ReviewEmbassy Harare (Zimbabwe)
2001, Dec 3Nigeria: Plan For Deployment To BurundiEmbassy Abuja (Nigeria)
2001, Dec 3Mogae On Mugabe: He Will Stay In Power "by Hook Or By Crook"Embassy Gaborone (Botswana)
2001, Dec 3Peaceful Protest Outside National AssemblyEmbassy Hanoi (Vietnam)
2001, Dec 3Goz Approves Information BillEmbassy Harare (Zimbabwe)
2001, Dec 3Zimbabwe Democracy Act Makes Front PagesEmbassy Harare (Zimbabwe)
2001, Nov 30Vatican Pushing Forward On The Middle EastEmbassy Vatican (Vatican)
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