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Marijuana Penny Stocks on trend for higher ROI

Marijuana Penny Stocks on trend for higher ROI

Marijuana stocks are highlighted in present times due to the legalization of the weed in many states of the US. Many of them got doubled or tripled prices in the recent weeks. Before the Presidential elections, it was estimated that these stocks will give a lot of the opportunities to the investors. However, there are many fraud penny stock companies which have befooled the investors with the growing marijuana trends. The legal allowance of the weed in Colorado, followed by other US nations has opened a gateway for the new companies to produce the medicines including Marijuana. This has given birth to many companies which seek for the capital from the investors trusting their company policies.

The legalization of Marijuana was due to the social outlook and the government seems to have got opened to the benefits and ignoring the risk factors. The government of some states unexpectedly showed the interest in legalizing Marijuana for different purposes. Colorado was the first state to legalize cannabis for recreational use. It increased the revenues and even decreased the crime rate in the state without affecting the social values. The investors are required to check out the difference between the companies involved in Marijuana concept which are worthy of investment. The people who are not able to do this might lose a lot of money.

The industry of marijuana penny stocks is not easy to understand. There are many speculations and correlations with other blue chips but you can’t make sure that the company is actually stable or not. Marijuana is growing in popularity and it is assumed that the price of the stocks will increase but some of the companies have proved it to be wrong. There are many promotional advertisements and marketing tactics floated on different social platforms about some marijuana stocks. These are widely overvalued and most of the stocks have gone towards the lower level. There are very fewer cannabis companies which have got actual growth but those companies have actually shown the most amazing results.

Some Marijuana stocks have increased their business with enhancement of plants and sales. These tiny stocks have attained huge success and have a probability to grow higher with time.

Top 3 Marijuana Stocks to watch are enlisted below:

1)       Canopy Growth: It is the top stock to buy in this year 2018. The capacity and sales of this company are the maxima in terms of Canadian Marijuana sector.
2)      Aurora Cannabis: It is the second largest marijuana grower in 2018. Its recent collaboration with CanniMed Therapeutics has made the sales almost double. The company will have a better scope with the upcoming boom of recreational marijuana in the land of Canada.
3)      MedReleaf: This Company rates second to Canopy growth in terms of the business. The production of this company would go on higher in 2018 by assuming the recreational permission of Marijuana.
Most Marijuana stocks would go higher in 2018. There are many other companies also on the trend of going up in prices and the legalization of Marijuana will lead to brilliant returns for many.

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